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female-led pop/rock bands - i am the kill

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June 9th, 2009

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11:22 am - female-led pop/rock bands
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Letters to Cleo/ Kay Hanley:

Aurora Gory Alice
Wholesale Meats & Fish
Generation O! OST [LQ]
When Did We Do That?

Josie & the Pussycats OST
Cherry Marmalade
The Babydoll EP
Live at the Paradise
B-Sides & Extras

Mary Prankster:

Blue Skies Forever
Roulette Girl
Tell Your Friends

The Vincent Black Shadow:

Fear's in the Water
El Monstrou
Head in a Box EP

Single Albums:

Plaid Hatters -- Plaid Tea Party

Vanity Theft -- Poscript :Pace Yourself

Moxie -- Retrospective

Jane Vs. World -- 56K Hearts

A Kiss Could Be Deadly -- A Kiss Could Be Deadly

Molly Jensen -- Maybe Tomorrow

Nasty Little Habit -- You Should Be My... EP

Dreamfast -- No Coast EP

Amanda Droste -- Unfazed



These are for people who like Paramore-style stuff; I don't listen to anything hardcore. These are indie bands/artists that need a lot of support, so buy it if you like it. I know Letters to Cleo don't fit that definition, but they are doing a spring tour, hence the reason I felt the need to upload their stuff.

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